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When you want a new bathroom of the absolute highest quality, look no further than Epic Home Improvements Inc.. Only we can give you the picture-perfect renovation work you need along with the friendly and attentive services you deserve. Plus, our comprehensive services are available at prices you can afford.

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Epic Home Improvements Inc.’s Transformative Bathroom Makeovers

There are many reasons to upgrade your bathroom. It’s about getting quality work and styles that suit you. It’s about getting reliable service from a team that will give you a hundred percent every step of the way. That’s what you get when you choose us.

We promise to always show up on time and check in with you to confirm plans. We promise to get straight to work and complete our tasks quickly and efficiently. And of course, we promise to clean up afterward, so you can enjoy your new bathroom as soon as possible.

For us, there’s just no other way to do the job.

Assessing Your Bathroom Renovation Needs

Getting what you want is so important, especially when it comes to your bathroom. Now, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you desire thanks to our preliminary assessments.

No matter what you need, we can give it to you, and we can help you find the best solutions for a bathroom overhaul, makeover, or accessibility-friendly redo. Just call us up, and we’ll send over one of our bathroom contractors. They’ll speak with you in-depth about what you’re hoping to accomplish so that they can get every detail right during the execution.

With us, your new bathroom is sure to be something special.


When your home is being renovated, you never want to feel like you have no say in the outcome. This will be your space for a long time after, and it’s very important that you end up happy with the result. That’s why, from the planning and design process right through to the finishing touches, we always include you in the decisions.

We believe that we are your partners in this remodeling, and we look at every home and bathroom we work at as our own. We bring care and attention because nothing is more important to us than your satisfaction. We can only get there one way: communication. So you will be with us at every step along the way, and we always invite you to discuss your questions and concerns about the work.

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When designing a new bathroom, it’s important that everything works together and comes at the highest quality. There is no part of the room that should feel out of place. When we work with you to design and construct a new bathroom, we take your tastes and desires into account and try to always meet them. Especially when we’re choosing the new fixtures for your bathroom.

We have suppliers that can offer a variety of styles, colors, and types of fixtures, including:

  • Toilets: There is a wide variety of toilets available, some of these may have more efficient water flow, different colors to match the room, and different heights depending on the needs of our clients.
  • Sinks: We can offer sinks in many colors, shapes, and materials, with the type of faucets you are looking for. This even includes dual-sink systems for when you have a large countertop or need more functionality.
  • Showers and tubs: Bathing and showering have never been so luxurious as in one of our best shower or tub fixtures. We can offer standing showers in a variety of styles, and our tubs can be many sizes and include jets for a particularly magnificent experience.
  • Countertops and vanities: We can offer countertops of many colors and materials, making sure they fit your budget and the style of your bathroom. These work in conjunction with the vanities, which are both stylish and offer all the storage space you need.

For questions on our units, you can call us today at (303) 667-6027.

Top-Notch Bathroom Renovations

As a proudly local company, we take quality seriously. We put quality into everything we do so that we can stand behind all our work and be proud of our craftsmanship. We’re dedicated to providing you with a beautiful bathroom that you can enjoy for many years to come. In our quest for the best, we always use:

  • Top-notch tools and equipment
  • The very best materials from trusted brand-name suppliers
  • The utmost attention to detail and absolute care
  • Beautiful, in-style colors, patterns, and trends

Above all else, we make sure your bathroom is well-constructed and highly functional. Our team hopes that our work brings a little more comfort and joy to your everyday life, and that’s why we always adhere to the highest standard of excellence.


One of the top concerns for all our clients is the final cost of a renovation. Of course, you want to improve the look and functionality of your home’s bathroom, but if it’s going to break the bank, you may worry it’s not worth the investment.

This can be true at many remodeling businesses, which may overcharge for their products and services. But not at Epic Home Improvements Inc.. We have many connections in the industry that can supply us with the best fixtures, tiles, glassware, and paint, all at the most competitive prices. This makes our renovations the best come at the best price point in Aurora.

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For bathroom makeovers that will make you jump for joy, choose us, the expert bathroom remodelers in the local area. We’ll get you the bathroom renovation you’ve always wanted, and all for an affordable price. One thing’s for sure: there’s no one quite like us.

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