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Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire, there can be many questions, and the rush to fix the damage can be overwhelming. Luckily,

Epic Home Improvements Inc. is here to help. Our team will be there to help you make sense of everything, introducing you to the damage repair and restoration options available to you.

Give us a call now at (303) 667-6027 to schedule an assessment, and read on to learn more about us, our skills and qualifications, and what makes us the best choice for all your fire restoration service needs.

Epic Home Improvements Inc.’s Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services

Our many satisfied clients will be sure to tell you that we’re the best fire repair and restoration crew in town. What makes us the best? We believe it’s our customer care and attention to detail, as well as our polite manners and good values.

When you choose us, you’re choosing a team that does everything it can to lessen the toll of fire damage and bring your property back to life. When you hire our services, you can be sure that we will:

  • Show up at the worksite on time with top-notch tools and equipment
  • Check-in with you to confirm plans
  • Work directly with the insurance company is applicable
  • Get straight to work and complete the job speedily and efficiently
  • Clean up after ourselves and leave nothing behind

We understand the sensitivity of a situation like this, and we’ll do our best to ease your troubles with grace and care.

Detailed and Helpful Fire Damage Inspections

Our fire damage restoration services are only as great as the inspections that precede them. If you’ve experienced a fire and don’t know where to start, call us, and we’ll send over a professional to inspect the property.

We’ll determine the level of the damage, show you how to submit insurance claims, and help fit you with the right services for your situation. That’s what makes us one of the most exceptional fire restoration services there is.

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Call the Best Fire Restoration Crew Around

Call (303) 667-6027 to reach us. Talk to a helpful, friendly, and sympathetic staff member who will be there to answer all your questions and help you find the fire damage service that’s right for you.

In times like these, it’s good to know there are still companies in this world that genuinely care. People you can trust. People like us.

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